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Meet Our Funders

As an independent organisation, we are very grateful of the donations that we receive.  These donations, from both independent bodies and groups, help us fund and finance various things, in the aid of helping our museum grow and advance.  

The Scotland Inheritance Fund

The objectives of SIF, are to aid research into and publication of material relating to the Cultural and Historical heritage of Scotland.  

SIF contributed to three years of funding for a curator.  

The Dalhousie Estate

The Dalhousie Estate have aided in the contribution of funding for the curator for three years

The Matthew Trust

Made contributions to the salary of our Museum Development Officer.  

Museum Galleries Scotland

So far, Museum Galleries Scotland have funded: 

  • Covid adaptations including new dishwasher, contactless payment and donation stations

  • New signage and graphics, directing new people to the museum and celebrating our heritage throughout the building.  

  • Revamped community kitchen to allow groups to self-cater, and for the museum to provide home baking.

  • Wages for a Development Officer, Museum Attendant, Social Media and Marketing Officer, and expanded curator hours 

  • Upgrades to the museum's energy efficiency, including: new lighting, heating and furnishings

The Scottish Story Telling Forum 

The Scottish story Telling forum aims to tell stories to a wide range of audiences - aiming to include vulnerable members of our communities in the joys of story telling.  

Funded three Doric story events for the museum in 2022 - 2023.


Bringing master storytellers Eileen Budd and Jane Mather to the museum, our guests enjoyed the tales that they shared based on old Scottish myths and traditions.    

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