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As we expand and find exciting new ways to show off our collections, the museum staff are working on many projects to improve the museum.


Find out what we are currently working on, and read about completed projects to learn about how the museum is changing.


Perhaps it will give you ideas for projects of your own, or inspire you to come and help out with your own unique skills.


High Rise Bats

Project Status: Active

In October we found a group of bats nesting in our Agricultural Display building. We couldn't use the building effectively until they were moved, so we had to find a solution...

Making a Spectacle

Project Status: Active

As part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade the object storage and improve collections visibility, Virginia has been re-packing the amazing spectacles collection.


Museum Shop

Project Status: Active

No museum is complete without a shop, and we're starting to make our funky collection of heritage items, books, and toys available for purchase once again.

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Hitting the Books

Project Status: Active

We have a fantastic collection of historic books, and want to make them available for research. Fionna is working to organise them and move them into the research room for your enjoyment.

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