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Leaving a Legacy

Why support the Glenesk Folk Museum?

Since 1955, we have dedicated our time to the preservation of the cultural heritage that people in Glenesk have given to us.  As a UK-established charity, to support the needs of our collection, we depend solely on the donations from visitors and supporters.  

Donations from visitors and supporters helps support the museum and its endeavours in enabling us to pursue research projects, keep our museum open during the winter, and perform maintenance and improve our environmental impact.


It is vital that we are able to continue our work with visitors, the local community and schools.  To ensure that the history, records, and items from Glenesk remain available for future generations, enabled by the generous donations from visitors and the public.  

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Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will is one such way that you can leave a legacy to the museum.  

According to law, your estate is subject to an inheritance tax.  This inheritance tax rate is 40%, and only charged on the part of your estate that lies above a certain threshold.

However, leaving a gift to a registered charity reduces that tax rate percentage.

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